XviD Codec 1.3.3

Free Windows-based media codec that allows advanced file compression without diminishing quality

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    Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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XviD Codec 1.3.3
XviD Codec 1.3.2

Most computer users find out very quickly that you can't just download anything off the Internet and expect it to play in your computer's media players, and so there are a lot of programs out there like XviD Codec to help transform your PC into a universal media player.

An Overview of XviD Codec

We've all been downloading a movie or show before, only to find out that it won't play on our Windows player or other media player. The thing that causes this is called the codec, which is basically just the functionality of your media player as it relates to media's embedded code or file extension. For instance, an avi file won't typically play on your Windows Media Viewer because it only accepts MP3, MP4, WMV, and other similar extensions. Though with a thorough codec pack like XviD Codec, what you end up with is a player that's practically universal and no longer has those issues playing files with strange and unrecognized codecs and extensions.

XviD Codec is a free licensed codec pack that actually comes with extra tools so that you can get those codecs where they need to go. For many players you have, downloading and installing the pack will instantly update said players. With others, however, you'll have to tick some boxes manually to ensure the player will recognize all the extensions, and this is where those extra tools might come in handy. You're actually getting a lot of codecs in this pack, and the package itself is 11.27 MB, so you know you're getting a lot. It works on most Windows operating systems but was designed specifically for Win 7. You shouldn't have any trouble with anything from XP to 10, however.

What XviD Codec Is and What It Does

Not only does this program allow for players to recognize extensions, but the compression ratios within this pack are also pretty good. For instance, when you're trying to play an MKV file and the codec has to basically translate it into a readable file for your existing player, a lot of quality could be lost due to the compression with most codec packs. With XviD Codec, you're getting very little quality loss; and for larger BluRay and HD files, you may experience no quality loss at all. This might be taxing on your player, so make sure you're not running a whole lot of other stuff in the background.

Rather than having the typical sort of user interface, this program allows you to access your Start menu and to find the Encoder/Decoder specs there. By doing this, you won't have to wait around for a program to launch. If you need to get inside of the codecs and switch some things around, you can do it all from your start menu.

Pros and Cons


  • Tons of different codecs
  • Unique external user tools
  • Free software package
  • Works with most Windows PCs


  • Extra tools might be difficult to use
  • Larger files may lag
  • Many more codecs than most people need

Xvid is one of the most widely recognized, universally supported, and popular compression programs for video. A codec, of course, compresses video so that it occupies much less space on disk, or transmitted much faster. Xvid's codec runs on PC running Windows or Linux, or on Mac. The Xvid codec boasts a whopping compression rate, as much as 200:1, and can be used on a variety of platforms. As an extra bonus, since it is open source, there is no charge for the Xvid codec.

Anyone who has had to send or store a lot of files to someone, e.g., a group of photos, can appreciate the utility that ZIP has brought to the user. Just as .zip files deliver maximum beauty with minimum beast, the Xvid codec pulls out every bit of a video file that is not needed to deliver video quickly and accurately.

The many tools included make this a very complete offering for the handling of video streams for many applications. Configuration for encoding and decoding are included, single pass or two-pass encoding, for example. Sliders help to find the happy place for each project between compression and quality. Presets allow you to use the same settings later. Control motion search precision. Display the encoding status of your file. Things like the target quantizer may be used or left still. Expert users will be tweaking happily away in no time!

A mini converter is also included with the codec, as is a statistics analyzer and an uninstaller. The mini converter is a special jewel that will bring the user great joy upon the realization that the video completed and ready for streaming isn't MPEG4, but WMV or some other format that's incompatible with Xvid. Ahem, was incompatible.

As impressive as all these tools are, beware the urge to tweak things if you don't know what they do. But what a great learning experience for the uninitiated! Download the Xvid codec today, and stream everywhere.


  • High compression
  • Low loss
  • Free
  • It can be used on a Mac, through Perian


  • Does not currently work with Quicktime
  • Very complex, so newbies step carefully

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